Leaders we trust to keep us safe agree. Find out why they support Sheriff Ken Stolle.

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Promises Kept

Maintaining the strictest of safety standards while cutting budgets and improving efficiency, the Virginia Beach Sheriff's Office, which houses nearly 1,300 inmates, is now the best-run facility in the state.

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Record of Leadership

As a former police officer, Ken was on the front lines of fighting crime. In the State Senate, he was the General Assembly’s leader in passing tough, new anti-crime legislation. Now as Sheriff, he is committed to keeping our families safe.

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Community Service

With nearly 600 sworn, civilian and auxiliary appointees, the Virginia Beach Sheriff’s Office is committed to making our city a better place in which to live by taking an active role in the community at all levels.

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Your Concerns Are My No. 1 Priority. Let Me Know How I Can Help Keep Virginia Beach Safe.

2009 ENDORSEMENT: The Virginian-Pilot

Stolle, a Republican, is a problem-solver, a deal-cutter, a weaver of consensus. His direct, plainspoken style has earned him a reputation as an honest broker with Republicans and Democrats.