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New efficiencies close budget shortfall


credit: Hyunsoo Leo Kim – The Virginian-Pilot

Sheriff Stolle authored an Op-Ed in the Virginian-Pilot about the jail’s Canteen, Fresh Favorites, and CareMart programs, which helped close a $2 million budget shortfall without having to ask the City for more money. Click HERE to read the full Op-ED.

“Last year as a result of the recession, the state of Virginia cut more than $2 million from our budget, so we had a decision to make. We could go to the City Council and ask for $2 million more from the taxpayers of Virginia Beach, or we could try to trim our budget and make up the balance by increasing our revenues without using taxpayers’ dollars. I chose the latter.”

“We did several things. We signed new contracts to house state/federal inmates from other jurisdictions, all of which brought in additional revenue to offset the loss of the $2 million. We renegotiated our contract for medical services with a savings of more than $200,000 a year, and we are now in the process of rebidding our food contract.”

“We currently pay $1.05 per meal, and we anticipate about a 20 percent savings in the new contract, which equates to $385,000 a year. The savings to the taxpayers of Virginia Beach on these two contracts alone are more than $500,000 a year.”