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A Message from Sheriff Ken Stolle

“When I was running for Sheriff in 2009, I made several promises. In keeping to my word, I am happy to report that promises made are now promises kept. First, I started with the budget. Over three years ago when I took office as Virginia Beach’s sheriff, inheriting about 1,200 inmates, 600 employees and a $36 million budget, the Commonwealth was facing a nearly $4 billion budget shortfall.

My No. 1 priority behind providing for the safety and security of our City was finding ways to save money. For the Virginia Beach Sheriff’s Office, that meant dealing with more than $2 million in mandated budget cuts from both the city and state over the next two years.

As soon as I walked through the door, I got to work. I froze all vacant positions, commissioned a system-wide audit and put all vendors on notice that we may terminate or renegotiate their contracts. Through these efforts and working with the Governor, the Secretary of Public Safety and members of the General Assembly, I am proud to say that the Virginia Beach Sheriff’s Office has absorbed the cuts without layoffs.

Next, I wanted to bring efficiencies to the office while prioritizing our public safety needs. I believe criminals should be required to serve the time imposed, and serve it in the jail, not with an ankle bracelet at home watching television. After serious consideration, I eliminated the electronic home monitoring and work release programs, saving about $120,000 annually.

Furthermore, in an effort to offset the cost of our inmates’ incarceration, I pledged to use the Sheriff’s Workforce to help our City by cleaning up graffiti and performing other community services for our indigent elderly. With the help of the General Assembly, we passed House Bills 757 and 758 in 2010 giving me the authority to do just that.

While the budget issues have been challenging, I am happy to report that since I was sworn in as your Sheriff in 2010, we have managed to bring about many changes and efficiencies that not only keep our families’ safety in tact but also make the Virginia Beach Sheriff’s Office the best-run facility in the state.”

Ken Stolle has made the safety and security of our families his highest priority, serving as:

  • A Virginia Beach Police Officer and Supervisor, Narcotics Detective, SWAT Team Leader, and Tactical Team Sergeant.
  • A Lieutenant in the U.S. Naval Reserve, designated as a Special Agent assigned to the Naval Investigative Service.
  • A State Senator, leading efforts to abolish parole for violent criminals, establishing the “Three Strikes and You’re Out” rule, and putting in place truth-in-sentencing.
  • The Chair of the Senate Finance Public Safety Subcommittee, overseeing Virginia’s near $2 Billion-a-year public safety budget.
  • The Chair of the Crime Commission, fighting for enhanced penalties for drunk drivers, sex offenders, drug dealers, and domestic violence perpetrator.
  • Sheriff of Virginia Beach, committed to bringing about changes and efficiencies that not only keep our families’ safety in tact but also make the Virginia Beach Sheriff’s Office the best-run facility in the state.